Online Training:

Get all of your workout’s planned ahead of time and get video review of all your work sets for every session. You will be given feedback via an online application within 24 hours of your workout to assist you with keeping in form as well as new workout’s and adjustments needed to continue growing and getting stronger. Most online clients will schedule a few in-person sessions to make sure they have the technique down pat but it is not a requirement.

Please ensure you sign the online waiver.

Online Training includes:

  • Individualized programming (every workout, every set, every rep) to ensure continual progress
  • Step by step instruction on how to perform the major barbell lifts (If in person sessions are conducted)
  • Video feedback on every work set for every workout
  • Warm up strategies
  • Instruction on how to utilize the required equipment
  • Conditioning programming
  • Dietary coaching for strength athletes by a Precision Nutrition Pn1 Certified Coach

Online Training Cost:

$100.00 A Month

Any in person sessions are additional and conducted by appointment only, so please check the <schedule> and call/email to arrange a time.



Call or email for more details: 1(307)421-5099 |