1 On 1 Training:

Learn the basic barbell lifts that form the basis for a strength based fitness program or get a form check to ensure that you are performing the lifts optimally to ensure continuing progress. I’ll teach you how to properly Squat, Press, Benchpress and Deadlift following the moment-based model popularized by Starting Strength. Additionally, you will learn how to warm up the right way, how to utilize and care for the required equipment and how to program yourself through a linear progression.

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1 On 1 Training includes:

  • Step by step instruction on how to perform the major barbell lifts: Squat, Press, Bench and Deadlift
  • Warm up strategies
  • Basic programming to ensure continued progress
  • Instruction on how to utilize the required equipment
  • Conditioning recommendations
  • Dietary recommendations for strength athletes

1 On 1 Training Cost:


Sessions are by appointment only and cannot be conducted during group training. Please call or email to set up your appointment.



Call or email for more details: 1(307)421-5099 | marty@cheyennebarbell.com